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Stand Up Meeting


 "... the absolute focus of our efforts must be to provide investment opportunities that will deliver the capital growth our clients deserve. If Thrifty Money, for whatever reason, does not have a product that satisfies our client's objectives, we must do everything in our power to find a product that does ...."

- Thrifty Money Founder

Business Meeting

A Business Partner You Can Rely On

Thrifty Money has a deep appreciation for the effort it takes for investors to reach their financial goals, and we are acutely aware of the prejudices Small Non Institutional Investors have had to endure when dealing with large financial institutions. We understand that our relationships with our clients must be built on trust, that our service delivery must be fast, reliable and forthright, and that our interaction with our customers should always be done securely and discreetly.

 'That’s why our customers trust and support us.'

What We Do

 Thrifty Money is committed to providing investors with credible, high-yielding low-risk investment opportunities. Our investors are diverse, ranging from private companies, self-managed super funds (SMSFs), high-net-worth individuals, and a limited number of retail investors.

The Thrifty Money Difference

Since its inception in 2014, no investor has lost any money with us nor have any funds due for distribution been delayed.

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The fund has averaged a return on investment of over 10% since its inception in 2014.  Not one of our investors has ever earned less than 7% p.a.


We always put investor welfare before our own even in instances where it has been to the temporary detriment of Thrifty Money

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It has always been our policy to communicate and interact in an honest, forthright, transparent, and concise manner with all of our investors

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